Hints & Tips

Your NordicTrack will run efficiently and last for many years if you follow these simple maintenance instructions.

The only type of lubrication you should use on your NordicTrack is 3inOne Oil.

There are three areas that need to be lubricated. You should lubricate these areas every couple of months.

  1. Lubricate the End Rollers (idler wheels); they are located at each end of your NordicTrack. If your end rollers become wobbly or if the rubber is ripped or worn, you should replace them.  Replacement end rollers can be ordered from our website.
  2. Lubricate the leather pad that sits under the arm cord drum. You will have to remove the knob and lift up on the arm cord drum about an inch, then place a few drops of 3inOne oil on the A/E leather pad. You should replace your leather pad if it is 5 years or older or if it has a large build up of black gunk.
  3. Lubricate the arm/exerciser bearing. The A/E bearing sits on top of the arm cord drum. Make sure the A/E bearing is between the two metal washers. You will need to replace the arm/exerciser bearing when the knob begins to loosen while exercising.

    DO NOT EVER LUBRICATE THE DRIVEROLLERS. This will cause slippage. If you feel that your skier is slipping or making a grinding sound you will need to replace your driverollers immediately. The driverollers typically last about 5 years.   New, U.S. built driverollers are available for purchase on our website. The driverollers are the two rollers that are located in the center of the skier they allow the flywheel to turn.

Your drag strap should be reversed to the other side every 3 months. You will have to completely remove it and flip it over. A worn dragstrap will appear glazed or frayed. If the tension on your skier is very difficult or if your Achiever, Medalist or Elite is double clutching you should replace the dragstrap. To maintain maximum performance of your skier it is recommended that you replace your drag strap every two years.

If you have any rust on your flywheel, it must be removed. To remove rust from the flywheel you will need to remove the drag strap, have someone ski on the NordicTrack while another person places very fine grit sandpaper or steel wool on the flywheel while it is spinning. Then use a cloth with rubbing alcohol on the spinning flywheel to remove any black dust. If your flywheel is very rusty or pitted you should replace it. In the later part of 1990, 1991 and the early part of 1992 NordicTrack had a solid black flywheel this flywheel was a defective flywheel when we say solid black flywheel we are referring to the top ¾ inch section on the flywheel where the dragstrap rides. If you have a Achiever, Medalist or Elite model and your flywheel is the solid black style flywheel you should replace it with a shiny machined style flywheel which we have for sale on our website. If you have a Pro model and below then the black flywheel should not affect your skier too much. On the Achiever, Medalist and Elite skiers the solid black flywheel would heat up and cause the tension to increase on it's own. It also will cause the tension to bounce all over the place. You can try to remove the black Teflon coating yourself as well by using emery cloth on it while it is spinning. Just make sure you use a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol on it to remove the black dust that you created. 

The glide buttons are located on the sides of the skis, once your glide buttons wear down, you should replace them. It is very important to coat the sides of the skis with paraffin wax  every couple months. You rub the Paraffin wax ONLY on the sides of the skis. Do not coat the bottom or the top of the skis. Clean the bottom of the skis with rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits or Goo Gone.  Always store your skies flat on your NordicTrack if you store the skis up against the wall they will warp, once the skis are warped you will hear a loud clunking, banging noise, and if that happens you can convert your skier over to the 8 endroller style with spacers and it should quiet it back down. We have the 8 endroller style endrollers in the wood style skier section. 

Keep your NordicTrack very clean. Sweat will rust your skier. Use a metal cleaner or chrome cleaner on all metal parts. Use wood polish on all wood. Do not polish the bottom of the skis. Remove the batteries from your computer if you plan on storing your NordicTrack.

To keep your NordicTrack in great shape we sell an OVERHAUL kit. We took our most commonly sold items and combined them into a kit. If you replace all these items your ski machine will work as good as the day you bought it new.  This kit includes two new driverollers, four endrollers, arm cord, leather arm exerciser pad, arm exerciser bearing and dragstrap with spring. (Spring does not come with the Achiever, Medalist or Elite models)

We stock a vast volume of parts for your NordicTrack so please browse the website and discover for yourself all that is available to you.