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  NordicTrack Skier Overhaul Kit
Free Shipping within the USA

Complete overhaul kit. If you want your wood style skier to run as good as the day it was new you should purchase this kit, it includes: New Driverollers, Dragstrap, Endrollers, A/E bearing, A/E Leather Pad and an Arm Cord. Achiever, Medalist and Elite skiers will receive all parts included in overhaul kit with a substitution for a round leather pad, a dragstrap with two triangle clips and the correct dragstrap spring for the 30 LBS tension indicator.

These parts purchased separately would cost $182.00

We include instructions on installing.

This kit includes the 4 end roller style or the 8 endroller style. Please specify upon ordering how many endrollers you have. Please specify which model you have and how many endrollers your skier has. The build date sticker is located under the front frame. The year is not required to order it is used only for statistical purposes. The skiers manufactured in the 70's up until the late 80's had two glued on leather A/E pads if you have this type of skier you will need to get two metal clips to update the leather pad there is a charge of $15.00 for the metal clips. Achievers, Medalists and Elites did not use clips so if you have one a Achiever, Medalist or Elite please do not add clips.
Weight:3.00 lbs
Price:$ 150.00
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NordicTrack Ski Machine Pro Overhaul Kit
NordicTrack ski machine overhaul Kit for Achiever, Medalist and Elite models

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